Overview Edit

In World Boss Invasion, players cooperate to fight against Bosses in real-time.

Up to 3 players participate together, and players are matched according to their Tier/ Rank/ Mastery/ Level/ Skill Level.

The Boss depends on the theme at the moment, and changes after a set of period of time.

When a team wins, each player will recieve a Supply Chest. The Chests will open after a set period off time which depends on their Rank.

Descriptions Edit

You will require 3 Characters to enter World Boss Invasion. With 2 other Agents, there will be 9 Characters in one Mission.

Once your Characters have entered, they will not be useable again until the next World Boss Invasion is open.

Character Selection will not be limited. You will be able to use any Character you want.

All Characters entered will be scaled on their level, mastery and skill levels to certain point. This means that non-6★ Characters can be entered, and they will be automatically ranked up to help you take on the Invasion.  

Comic Cards, ISO-8, Custom Gear and Characters’ Gears works the same as usual.

Each stage has random goal to finish.


* Boss Mode for an epic battle

* Point Mode requires you to reach a certain amount of points to win

* Link Mode which will share all your HP and fight against a strong Boss!

Boss Theme Edit

Rewards and Co-op Mission Edit

After beating a Boss, a Supply Chest will be obtained which has various kinds of items. Supply Chests require a certain amount of time to open, however it can be also be instantly opened by using Crystals.

Each World Boss Invasion will have Co-op Mission that will be shared with other Agents.

Meet the requirements of each Co-op Mission to fill the bar, if you manage it completely fill the bar, you will be able to acquire a special reward once the World Boss Invasion resets at the end of the week.

Twilight Edit

Number of Co-op Mission Completed Reward
1 Comic Card Chest: RankStar1 - RankStar4 X 1
2 Gold X 250000
3 Comic Card Chest: RankStar2 - RankStar4 X 1
4 Dimension Debris X 300
5 Comic Card Chest: RankStar3 - RankStar4 X 1
6 Gold X 500000
7 Enchanted Uru Chest: Rare X 1

Thanos and the Black Order Edit

Number of Co-op Mission Completed Reward
1 Dimension Chest: ISO-8 RankStar2 - RankStar5 X 1
2 Energy X 50
3 Dimension Chest: ISO-8 RankStar3 - RankStar5 X 1
4 Dimension Debris X 300
5 Dimension Chest: ISO-8 RankStar4 - RankStar5 X 1
6 Energy X 100
7 Enchanted Uru Chest: Rare X 1
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