• Are there any active admins? If not, would you be able to make someone else an admin?

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    • Hi.

      Not sure. I left the game long ago unfortunately and thus this Wiki. I did make some people admins during the birth of this Wiki but don't know if they're here.

      Feel free to name some people and I'll take a look.


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    • Name some people? Like other people you've made admins/mods? Or something else?

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    • If you know anyone I can admin so it helps the Wikia grow. :)

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    • Well, there's not many people active here, and Solidvanz was made one at some point.

      I mean, I won't say no to being made an admin and I'm currently one at the MPQ wiki, so I have some degree of experience. I wouldn't usually suggest myself first for this kind of thing, but I'm the only other person aside from Solidvanz who's somewhat active here.

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    • A FANDOM user
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