Story is where you an enjoy the main story of the game. You'll fight using Characters such as Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow to help stop the destruction of the world.

In Story, you can battle with specified characters. Material for Captain America, Black Widow, Iron Man can be acquired based on the stage cleared.

Modes Edit

There are three modes to do story missions in, Campaign, Alternate Normal, Alternate Ultimate. They differ in several factors, time taken, protagonists, rewards, and energy cost.

Mode Time Taken* Protagonists Rewards/mission* Energy Cost
Campaign Medium Fixed Bios, avg 6 4
Alternate Normal Fast to momentary Any Bios, avg 4 4
Alternate Ultimate Slow T3/Awakened Bios, avg 8 + type materials 8

* Estimates

Strategy Edit

How often you do Alternate Ultimate will vary based on your need for type materials compared to your need for bios. The opportunities to get puzzle pieces should at least be considered each day. It may be worth killing the app to stop a run in which you've lost a character, as that reduces the chance of getting a piece of the puzzle and you only get one shot at each piece from each mission each day.

How often you use Alternate Normal will depend how you value your time, as though it is inefficient (see below) it is ridiculously fast: If you don't need specific bios then Alternate Normal 7-3 can be completed in just a few clicks (a suitably powerful character permitting), not only saving a lot of time but a lot of effort too.

Note the improved efficiency of Campaign over either Alternate for getting bios, approximately 50% more bios for your energy. There are two other methods that compete with Campaign for the most bios for your energy:

  • Deluxe Epic missions easily beat Campaign, providing roughly 55% more bios for your energy.
  • World Boss Invasion may, if your roster is very strong, be more efficient.

The major downside to both Alternate Ultimate and Campaign is the time taken playing manually. Dimension Clash can provide the 120 bios in around 45-50 minutes per day. To put it into context in a day you'll get roughly 60 from Dimension Missions, 40 or so from Item Shop, 76 from all the four epic missions, and let's say 10 from the Processor and another 30 from the Support Shop. The 120 is another 55% or so bios daily. Whether or not it's worth it to get roughly that many more bios daily will depend on whether you have characters the bios can be sunk into. While non-mutants have a distinct bottleneck in Black Anti-Matter supply that makes them unsuitable bio sinks on an ongoing basis, Phoenix Feathers are considerably easier to come by. Accordingly if you're going to get the 120 per day it would make sense to work on your mutants.

Stories Edit

Dimension Clash Edit

Chapter 1 - The New Menace

Chapter 2 - The Darkness Beyond Dimensions

Chapter 3 - The Calm before the Storm

Chapter 4 - Raging Red Storm

Chapter 5 - A World Gone Berserk

Chapter 6 - Cut Off One Head

Chapter 7 - A Disharmonious Threat

The All-War Edit

The True S.H.I.E.L.D. Edit

The Future Ends Here Edit

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