ShangChiIcon.png Shang-Chi

Shang-Chi (Modern).png
Real Name Shang-Chi
Type Combat.png Combat
Base Tier Tier-1
Allies Human
Gender Male
Side Hero
Biometrics Dimension Chest
Uniform Modern
Base Stats (Max Stats)
Rank RankStar.png (MasteryStar.pngMasteryStar.pngMasteryStar.pngMasteryStar.pngMasteryStar.pngMasteryStar.png)
Level 1 (60)
Physical Atk 22 (5349)
Physical Def 13 (3487)
Energy Def 12 (3138)

116 (15929)

5'10" (188 cm)
175 lbs. (79 kg)
Apply to: Self

Attack Speed +3%

Apply to: Self

4% damage increase to SUPER VILLAIN types

Born to a wealthy international crime lord in People's Republic of China, Shang-Chi was raised in isolation, never suspecting that his father was training him to become the ultimate living weapon. Upon learning the awful truth of his father's evil nature, he renounced his family and employed his exceptional martial arts skills for good, Since then, Shang-Chi has dedicated his life to overthrowing his father's evil empire and protecting the innocent as the Master of Kung-Fu!

Gear Info
Physical Attack (+20: 760)

Attack Speed (+20: 597)

Red Tights
Physical Defense (+20: 645)

Crowd Control Time (+20: 573)

Gold Shows
Dodge (+20: 2521)

Movement Speed (+20: 573)

Metal Bracelets
Skill Cooldown (+20: 1086)

Critical Damage (+20: 597)

Master of Kung-fu
Apply to: All team members

All Attack +4%

Passive Skill
Chi Reflect
Activation Rate: 30% rate when hit

Apply to: Self
Guard 3 hits (3 Sec.)

A Clone blocks enemy attack and counterattacks

Cooldown Time: 11 seconds

Required Rank: RankStar.pngRankStar.pngRankStar.pngRankStar.png

Rising Spirit
Activation Rate: 30% rate when hit

Apply to: Self
Accumulates 10% of true damage dealt to enemy regardless of defense and dodge.
The total accumulated true damage cannot pass 10000. (10 Sec.) +0.3% Increase of Critical-Rate, All Attacks each 1% Accumulated Damage proportional to max accumulated Damage. (10 Sec.)

Cooldown Time: 20 seconds

Increased effect of the Chi Reflect skill:
Activation Rate: 70% rate when hit
Guard 4 hits (4 Sec.)
Cooldown Time: 10 seconds

Requires Hero Advancement

Active Skills
Nunchaku Knockout (Physical Attack)
60% Physical Damage, Add Physical Damage 142

Melee, 4 Hit, Pushback.

Cooldown Time: 6 seconds

Mystic Clone (Physical Attack)
69% Physical Damage, Add Physical Damage 142

Melee, 3 Hit, Pushback.
Can move or use other attacks after 1st hit.

Cooldown Time: 7 seconds

Chi Charge
Apply to: Self

All Attack +4% (20 Sec.)

Melee, 2 Hit, Jumps into air, Pushback.

Cooldown Time: 30 seconds

Required Rank: RankStar.pngRankStar.pngRankStar.png

Mystic Barrage (Physical Attack)
47% Physical Damage, Add Physical Damage 71

Melee, 4 Hit, Small AOE, Pushback.
Melee, 3 Hit, Small AOE, Can move or use other attacks during.

Cooldown Time: 9 seconds

Required Rank: RankStar.pngRankStar.pngRankStar.pngRankStar.pngRankStar.png

Mystic Army (Physical Attack)
52% Physical Damage, Add Physical Damage 16

Immune to all damage (3 Sec.)

Melee, 10 Hit, Large AOE.
Ranged, 10 Hit, Can move or use other attacks during.

Cooldown Time: 14 seconds

Required Rank: RankStar.pngRankStar.pngRankStar.pngRankStar.pngRankStar.pngRankStar.png

Sword Master Class
ShangChiIcon.png SwordMasterIcon.png AresIcon.png

Physical Attack ↑ +5.4%
Critical Damage ↑ +4.8%
Critical Rate ↑ +4.8%

X 2 Bonuses:

Martial Arts Masters
ShangChiIcon.png SwordMasterIcon.png CrescentIcon.png

Physical Attack ↑ +5.2%
Critical Rate ↑ +4.9%
Critical Damage ↑ +4.8%

X 2 Bonuses:

New Agents of Atlas #1
ShangChiIcon.png WaveIcon.png SilkIcon.png

All Attack ↑ +5.4%
Dodge ↑ +4.9%
Ignore Defense 4.7%

Traditional Martial Arts
ShangChiIcon.png CrescentIcon.png WongIcon.png

Movement Speed ↑ +5.0%
Dodge ↑ +4.7%
Critical Rate ↑ +4.9%

X 2 Bonuses:

Misty's Heroes For Hire
ShangChiIcon.png MistyKnightIcon.png BlackCatIcon.png

Physical Attack ↑ +5.3%
Critical Rate ↑ +4.8%
Critical Damage ↑ +4.8%

Shadowland's Devil
ShangChiIcon.png Daredevil.png Iron Fist.png

Attack Speed ↑ +4.9%
Movement Speed ↑ +4.7%
Crowd Control Time ↓ 4.8%

X 2 Bonuses:
ShangChiIcon.pngIron Fist.png   Daredevil.pngIron Fist.png

Secret Mission
ShangChiIcon.png BlackWidowIcon.png CaptainAmericaIcon.png

Physical Attack ↑ +5.1%
Physical Defense ↑ +5.1%
Dodge ↑ +4.8%

X 2 Bonuses:

Power of Pym Particles
ShangChiIcon.png GiantManIcon.png AntManIcon.png

Energy Defense ↑ +5.2%
Crowd Control Time ↓ 4.8%
Max HP ↑ +5.1%

Seek the Hammer
ShangChiIcon.png BlackWidowIcon.png Agent 13 (Sharon Carter).png

Attack Speed ↑ +4.9%
Dodge ↑ +4.9%
Cooldown Duration ↓ 4.7%

Marvel Knights
ShangChiIcon.png Daredevil.png MoonKnightIcon.png

Physical Attack ↑ +5.2%
Critical Rate ↑ +4.9%
Movement Speed ↑ +4.7%

Sword and Fist
ShangChiIcon.png SwordMasterIcon.png

Physical Attack ↑ +5.2%
All Defense ↑ +5.2%

Talent Control
ShangChiIcon.png DominoIcon.png

All Defense ↑ +5.3%
Attack Speed ↑ +4.7%

Kung-Fu Smash!
ShangChiIcon.png HulkChoIcon.png

Energy Defense ↑ +5.1%
Movement Speed ↑ +5.0%

Chinese Martial Arts
ShangChiIcon.png WongIcon.png

Physical Attack ↑ +5.3%
Dodge ↑ +4.8%

Brute Strength Versus Kung-Fu
ShangChiIcon.png BlackDwarfIcon.png

Attack Speed ↑ +4.9%
Physical Attack ↑ +5.1%

Spider Martial Arts
ShangChiIcon.png SpiderManIcon.png

Physical Attack ↑ +5.1%
Crowd Control Time ↓ 4.9%

Martial Artists
ShangChiIcon.png Iron Fist.png

Critical Rate ↑ +4.9%
Max HP ↑ +5.0%

CaptainAmericaIcon.png Captain America 13% chance to appear when attacked.
GhostRiderIcon.png Ghost Rider 14% chance to appear when attacked.
BlackWidowIcon.png Black Widow 17% chance to appear when attacking.
BlackCatIcon.png Black Cat 17% chance to appear when attacking.
SpiderManIcon.png Spider-Man 13% chance to appear when attacking.
Daredevil.png Daredevil 13% chance to appear when attacking.
GreenGoblinIcon.png Green Goblin 11% chance to appear when attacked.
FalconIcon.png Falcon 16% chance to appear when attacked.
PunisherIcon.png Punisher 12% chance to appear when attacking.
LukeCageIcon.png Luke Cage 16% chance to appear when attacking.
Iron Fist.png Iron Fist 13% chance to appear when attacked.
ElektraIcon.png Elektra 16% chance to appear when attacking.
BullseyeIcon.png Bullseye 14% chance to appear when attacked.
StarLordIcon.png Star-Lord 16% chance to appear when attacking.
AntManIcon.png Ant-Man 20% chance to appear when attacked.
GiantManIcon.png Giant-Man 20% chance to appear when attacking.
JessicaJonesIcon.png Jessica Jones 19% chance to appear when attacked.
SilkIcon.png Silk 18% chance to appear when attacked.
BlackDwarfIcon.png Black Dwarf 20% chance to appear when attacked.
MoonKnightIcon.png Moon Knight 18% chance to appear when attacking.
MistyKnightIcon.png Misty Knight 17% chance to appear when attacking.
WongIcon.png Wong 20% chance to appear when attacked.
DominoIcon.png Domino 18% chance to appear when attacking.
CrescentIcon.png Crescent 16% chance to appear when attacked.
TheThingIcon.png Thing 16% chance to appear when attacked.
NickFuryIcon.png Nick Fury 16% chance to appear when attacked.
WaveIcon.png Wave 15% chance to appear when attacked.
AeroIcon.png Aero 16% chance to appear when attacked.
SwordMasterIcon.png Sword Master 18% chance to appear when attacked.
SunBirdIcon.png Sun Bird 20% chance to appear when attacking.
TaskmasterIcon.png Taskmaster 16% chance to appear when attacking.
DakenIcon.png Daken 16% chance to appear when attacked.

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