Antimatter Generator Edit

Description: A device which can produce/restore Antimatter. You may craft, Rank up with Anti-matters.

You may upgrading the generator to produce larger quantities of Antimatter. Produced Antimatter can be collected by tapping the Icon or tapping the "Collect" button. Antimatter is the primary material used to build or upgrade Lab machines.

Bio Converter Edit

Description: This machine allows you to convert your biometrics to different heroes' biometrics.

The converter allows you to convert 2 biometrics (it can be the same or different type of biometrics) into 1 other biometrics. To register biometrics, tap and select 2 biometrics you would like to convert. Tapping the registered biometrics again will let you cancel your registration.

Item Shop Edit

Description: This machine allows you to convert anti-matter into rare items from other dimensions.

You can access the Item Shop from the S.H.I.E.L.D. Lab to purchase common to rare items with gold or crystals. The list of items in this shop periodically get updated. Please note that purchasing all items will not automatically update the item list. Crystal can be used to instantly update the list with new items to acquire.

Warp Device Edit

Description: This machine allows you to transport heroes to different dimensions for missions.

You can send your heroes to different dimension for training using this device. To proceed with the mission, you must first select the mission and the hero you would like to train. The hero's level affects the result of a mission. Each mission runs for a certain period of time. Consuming crystals allows you to instantly finish certain missions without waiting. Mission can result in: "Failed", "Clear" or "Perfect Clear". You earn nothing for failing a mission, however Perfect Clear each mission to unlock great rewards.

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