Future Fight Wiki

Co-op Play and World Boss Invasion have been integrated as the new content: Multiverse Invasion.


Multiverse Invasion is a multi-content where three Agents cooperate. Each Agent can set a Character to manipulate and up to five Support Characters before entering Multiverse Invasion.

The battle will be held for a maximum of two minutes, and the enemy boss cannot be defeated. Battle Points will be accumulated based on the damage dealt to the boss during battle.

The Auto Play and Auto Repeat feature can be used at Multiverse Invasion. Characters with the highest Tier and Level will be selected in order as the Participating Character → Support Characters when selecting Auto Repeat.

Set Characters as favorite to be selected first when Auto Repeating. Characters set as favorite will not be selected as a Support Character.

The list and number of Multiverse Invasion rewards may vary based on the following factors.

  • The total Battle Points of all Agents who participated in the battle
  • The Character Bonus based on the growth status of all your Characters
  • VIP Level Additional Rewards
  • S.H.I.E.L.D.'S Special Support Additional Rewards

Participating Character

Agents may choose the same Participating Character with other Agents, but Participating Characters cannot be reused until the reset.

Support Characters

Support Characters do not participate in the actual battle, but buff skills will apply when Support Characters are selected. The type and stats of buff effects will differ based on the growth status of the Support Characters. Support Characters cannot be reused until the reset.