MistyKnightIcon Misty Knight

Misty Knight (All-New, All-Different)
Real Name Mercedes "Misty" Knight
Type Speed Speed
Base Tier Tier-1
Allies Human
Gender Female
Side Super Hero
Biometrics Dimension Chest
Uniform All-New, All-Different
Base Stats (Max Stats)
Rank RankStar (MasteryStarMasteryStarMasteryStarMasteryStarMasteryStarMasteryStar / Tier 2)
Level 1 (60)
Physical Atk 20 (4727 / 5432)
Physical Def 14 (3808 / 4177)
Energy Def 13 (3627 3978)

105 (13452 / 14947)

5'9" (175.2 cm)
136 lbs. (62 kg)
Weapons Master
Apply to: Self

Critical Damage +5%
Critical Rate +3%

Apply to: Self

Ignore Dodge 10%

A decorated New York City detective, Misty Knight is a skilled investigator, capable of observation, forensics, and inductive and deductive reasoning of the highest caliber. After losing her right arm in the line of duty, she was gifted a bionic arm made of Vibranium from Tony Stark himself. The mechanical arm allows Misty to generate anti-gravity fields, produce concentrated blasts of cyrogenic energy, and stop criminals in their tracks with a deadly vice grip.

Gear Info
Hand Gun
Physical Attack (+20: 776)

Critical Damage (+20: 531)

Black Leather Costume
Physical Defense (+20: 687)

Critical Rate (+20: 489)

All-In-One Waistband
Dodge (+20: 1098)

Skill Cooldown (+20: 573)

Bionic Arm
Attack Speed (+20: 1080)

Defense Penetration (+20: 555)

Apply to: All team members

Cold Damage +10%

Passive Skill
Interrogation Expert
Apply to: Self

All Speed +1.5%

Required Rank: RankStarRankStarRankStarRankStar

Detective Insight
Apply to: Self

Increase Cold Damage +35%
Guaranteed Dodge +25% Increase

Requires Hero Advancement

Active Skills
Frost Wave (Physical Attack)
87% Physical Damage, Add Physical Damage 142

Apply to: Enemy
Movement Speed -5% (2 Sec.)

Melee, 1 Hit, Small AOE.
Ranged, 2 Hit, Small AOE.

Cooldown Time: 5 seconds

Freeze Strike (Cold Attack)
51% Cold Damage, Add Cold Damage 142

Apply to: Enemy
It deals 30% Chill damage every 1 Sec (3 Sec.) Stun (3 Sec.)

Melee, 1 Hit, Pushback. Ranged, 2 Hit. Melee, 1 Hit.

Cooldown Time: 7 seconds

Spark Burst (Lightning Attack)
144% Physical Damage, Add Physical Damage 142

Apply to: Enemy
It deals 25% Chill damage every 1 Sec (5 Sec.)

Ranged, 1 Hit, Jump away from target, Small AOE.

Cooldown Time: 9 seconds

Required Rank: RankStarRankStarRankStar

Cold Shoulder (Cold Attack)
61% Cold Damage, Add Cold Damage 48

Apply to: Enemy
Movement Speed -5% (2 Sec.)

Melee, 3 Hit, Small AOE.
Ranged, 2 Hit.
Melee, 2 Hit, Pushback. Ranged, 4 Hit.

Cooldown Time: 13 seconds

Required Rank: RankStarRankStarRankStarRankStarRankStar

Bionic Bomber (Physical Attack)
90% Physical Damage, Add Physical Damage 36

Apply to: Enemy
All Speed -12% (8 Sec.)

Ranged, 4 Hit, Small AOE.
4 Damage auras on floor, 4 Hit, in line ahead.
Melee, 3 Hit, Line AOE.

Cooldown Time: 17 seconds

Required Rank: RankStarRankStarRankStarRankStarRankStarRankStar

Fearless Defenders
MistyKnightIcon ValkyrieIcon ElsaBloodstoneIcon

Attack Speed ↑ +4.8%
Physical Defense ↑ +5.3%
Max HP ↑ +5.1%

Funeral for a Friend
MistyKnightIcon FalconIcon BlackPantherIcon

Physical Attack ↑ +5.1%
Dodge ↑ +5.0%
Ignore Defense 4.8%

X 2 Bonuses:

Like Old Times
MistyKnightIcon Iron Fist LukeCageIcon

Physical Defense ↑ +5.1%
Attack Speed ↑ +4.9%
Critical Damage ↑ +4.8%

X 2 Bonuses:
MistyKnightIconIron Fist   Iron FistLukeCageIcon

Puppet Show
MistyKnightIcon MoonKnightIcon PunisherIcon

Physical Attack ↑ +5.3%
Dodge ↑ +4.8%
Crowd Control Time ↓ 4.8%

X 2 Bonuses:

Leader for Hire
MistyKnightIcon FalconIcon BlackWidowIcon

Critical Rate ↑ +5.0%
Attack Speed ↑ +4.8%
Cooldown Duration ↓ 4.7%

X 2 Bonuses:
MistyKnightIcon FalconIcon

Civil Dispute
MistyKnightIcon IronManIcon SpiderManIcon

All Attack ↑ +5.1%
Crowd Control Time ↓ 5.0%
Dodge ↑ +4.8%

X 2 Bonuses:

Misty's Heroes For Hire
MistyKnightIcon ShangChiIcon BlackCatIcon

Physical Attack ↑ +5.3%
Critical Rate ↑ +4.8%
Critical Damage ↑ +4.8%

Idol Security
MistyKnightIcon LunaSnowIcon

All Attack ↑ +5.2%
Max HP ↑ +5.0%

Matching Armament
MistyKnightIcon SisterGrimmIcon

Attack Speed ↑ +4.9%
Cooldown Duration ↓ 4.9%

Unfortunate Farewell
MistyKnightIcon Iron Fist

Critical Rate ↑ +5.0%
Max HP ↑ +5.1%

Love Connection
MistyKnightIcon FalconIcon

Movement Speed ↑ +4.9%
Crowd Control Time ↓ 4.9%

CaptainAmericaIcon Captain America 13% chance to appear when attacked.
IronManIcon Iron Man 16% chance to appear when attacking.
HulkbusterIcon Hulkbuster (Iron Man Mark 44) 19% chance to appear when attacking.
BlackWidowIcon Black Widow 17% chance to appear when attacking.
BlackCatIcon Black Cat 18% chance to appear when attacked.
SpiderManIcon Spider-Man 13% chance to appear when attacking.
Daredevil Daredevil 16% chance to appear when attacked.
FalconIcon Falcon 16% chance to appear when attacked.
PunisherIcon Punisher 14% chance to appear when attacked.
LukeCageIcon Luke Cage 16% chance to appear when attacking.
Iron Fist Iron Fist 11% chance to appear when attacking.
ElektraIcon Elektra 16% chance to appear when attacking.
BullseyeIcon Bullseye 19% chance to appear when attacking.
SisterGrimmIcon Sister Grimm 18% chance to appear when attacking.
JessicaJonesIcon Jessica Jones 19% chance to appear when attacked.
MoonKnightIcon Moon Knight 18% chance to appear when attacking.
ShangChiIcon Shang Chi 12% chance to appear when attacking.
ValkyrieIcon Valkyrie 15% chance to appear when attacked.
LunaSnowIcon Luna Snow 22% chance to appear when attacking.
CrescentIcon Crescent 16% chance to appear when attacking.
MorbiusIcon Morbius 16% chance to appear when attacked.

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