Gold is one of the primary resources used within the game. It is used to upgrade most of the hero abilities, rank, mastery, and numerous others. It is obtained via completion of missions, gamemodes, and through various achievements.

Gamemodes in which gold can be earned in significant amounts: Edit

Daily Mission (Gold & EXP Chip > M'kraan Shard = ISO-8 & Norn Stones)

Alliance Battle + Extreme Alliance Battle

Special Mission

Co-Op Play (The higher your VIP level, the higher the chance of getting more gold)

Villain Siege (All three missions; bonus characters for potentially bonus gold)

Gamemodes in which gold earned varies: Edit

World Boss Invasion

Alliance Raid


Legendary Battle

Dimension Rift

Alliance Conquest (Rank rewards)

Timeline Battle (Rank rewards)

Epic Quest

Story Missions

Gamemodes that do not reward gold: Edit

World Boss

World Boss Ultimate

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