Overview Edit

New Co-op mode for hardcore players which you must cooperate with other players to participate and beat Giant Boss. You must have 3 or more Tier-2 Level 60 or higher, 6★ Rank and 6★ Mastery Characters to participate in this mode.

If you meet the conditions above, you can challenge the boss by creating or joining a Lobby. Three players can participate in the Giant Boss Raid mode at the same time.

You can use your Boost Points and meet the Recommended Character requirement to increase your rewards. Using Boost Points can increase the reward count, and if you meet the Recommended Character requirement, the Reward Acquisition Chance will also be higher.

Only one of your chosen Characters can participate in this game mode at any given time.

Auto Play is not supported in this mode. If all of the Characters participating in the mode are defeated or if you do not defeat the boss before the time limit, your team will lose.

When you clear a Giant Boss Raid stage, you can receive some rewards on fixed day like Type Enhancement KIt, C.T.P. and Silver Surfer's biometric.

Boss Edit

Name Type
Master Mold

Schedule And Rewards Edit

GBR Schedule
GBR Rewards
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