What does Mastering do?Edit

Mastering a character boosts their stats and gives them their Leadership skill. When a mastered character is leading a team, all members get the perks of the leader's skill. For example, if Ultron's Leadership skill is "No Strings on Me" which grants "All Attack +12%". If you made Ultron your team leader, each member would benefit from the Attack bonus. You can master a character once per rank up to 6 times total at max rank.

What resets every day?Edit

Every day at a fixed time, the game servers clock over to a new day. A few things reset on a new day. They are: Daily Achievements, Daily Mission runs, Elite Mission runs, Villain Siege, Timeline Battle limits, Assemble Points cap.

Local reset times:

  • HAST - 5am
  • PDT - 8am
  • MDT - 9am
  • CDT - 10am
  • EDT - 11am
  • ART/BRT - 12pm
  • GMT - 3pm
  • BST - 4pm
  • CEST - 5pm
  • EEST - 6pm
  • GST - 7pm
  • PKT - 8pm
  • BST - 9pm
  • ICT - 10pm
  • AWST - 11pm
  • JST - 12am
  • ACST - 12:30am
  • Sydney - 1am
  • Auckland - 3am

How do I get Honour Tokens?Edit

Honour tokens can be achieved through Timeline Battles (Arena). You get 50 each time you win a fight, and 25 when you lose. You only get Honour Tokens for your first 10 fights.

How do I get Chaos Tokens?Edit

Chaos tokens can be achieved by beating bosses in Villain Siege.

Are team bonuses applied in Timeline Battles?Edit

No. This means you can grab your three best all-round characters and go to town!

Does recharging the Timeline Battle entry limit allow me to get more Honour Tokens?Edit

No. It will just allow you to get a higher rank at the end of the week.

What is the level cap for skills?Edit

The level cap for skills is 6.

Is there any damage bonuses based on character type?Edit

Yes. Speed has a boost on Blast, Blast has a boost on Combat, and Combat has a boost on Speed. Universal is neutral. There are no boosts or decreases in stats when you fight with or against a Universal character. You can view these effects by clicking on the type symbol anywhere in the game.

I have Another Question...Edit

If you have a question that isn't covered above, feel free to look here for an ever-evolving FAQ or ask over at the unofficial Reddit page and the people there will try their best to answer you.

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