Future Fight Wiki

Faction Battle has been added as a limited time event!

Your actions in the field will add collectively to the points of your faction, and will ultimately determine if your choice wins or loses the battle. Rewards will be sent based on ranking and participation in the event.

First of all, you must choose a side. (If one side is considerably larger than the other, players will have to choose the less popular side.) If you select the side, you will see the icon in the middle of the screen to check the current rating of the factions. If you choose not to pick a side, you may choose later by tapping the Faction Battle icon to bring up the “Choose a Side” menu.

The result of the Faction Battle depends on the side with the most power. You must enter missions and battles to collect Faction Points to raise your faction’s share of points.

Lock Faction

Players will be unable to join the winning team when the total point margin is too large.

Enhanced Intelligence

The faction with less points will get an increase to point acquisition.

Double Agent

The faction with less members will get an increase to point acquisition.


Faction Battle Rewards will be sent out once the event ends. Rewards can be claimed within 7 days after the event ends.

Status Crystal Gold Biometric ISO-8 Dimension Chest
Victory N/A 500000 Selector: Biometrics X 60 2 Extreme Boost ISO-8 1 X 6 RankStar.png ISO-8
Defeat N/A 250000 Selector: Biometrics X 30 1 Extreme Boost ISO-8 N/A
MVP 3000 N/A N/A 2 Extreme Boost ISO-8 1 X 6 RankStar.png ISO-8 (Awakened)