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Dispatch Missions are two interconnected activities with the same name. To differentiate we'll describe them as Dispatches and Missions.


In these you assign characters to collect you gold over time at a steady rate, as well as other rewards that are acquired randomly, including just about every resource in the game, though the higher tier materials only drop in the higher level dispatches.

The number of characters you'll be able to assign is defined by how many zones and how much of each zone you've unlocked using the missions.

The more of the Missions' specific objectives (see below) you've completed (one time completion required for each only), the longer you'll be able to leave rewards accruing before they'll be full and stop accruing, i.e. before you'll have to acquire them to allow the process to continue. The maximum is 12 hours.


It's unclear if there's really any practical strategy to this. However, as the higher level rewards are more useful, it's probably best to automatically assign your characters in reverse order of the level of the Dispatches, i.e. from right to left.


These are combat missions that get more difficult in the higher numbered zones, with a 3 minute timer for completion (though strangely rewards can still be received even if you fail). Each one includes mission specific objectives (e.g. Complete the mission within 2 minutes, or complete the mission with at least 2 characters still standing) that you'll want to complete once each (not necessarily all at the same time) to extend the time Dispatches will run for before they're full.

There are two reward sets for each of these missions, one for if you spend energy on the mission, one for if you don't. Both reward sets include fulfilling mission specific objectives.

Without Spending Energy

Assorted experience can be gained:

  • Uniform XP
  • Character XP
  • Dispatch XP, which raises your Dispatch level and for each level rewards you with a chest that can have very good rewards.


If you have nothing better to do in game, your characters should be running Dispatch Missions for no energy. The XP rewards scale well if your team includes well developed characters, so in this scenario aim for the highest level missions that your team can comfortably complete within the 3 minutes. However, if your team is going to miss a lot, then you may find that the time taken increases disproportionately as the level of the mobs increases and that it makes more sense to stick to mobs your team generally one-shots.

With Spending Energy

The additional rewards that can be received are extensive and impressive, particularly from 7-1 onwards, wherein premium cards and CTP's can be received. The energy cost of 4 Energy and 4 Boost Points or 6 Energy limits how many you can run, particularly unattended, where it won't start again once you're out of energy.


Spare energy has two competing sinks. If you need bios, then a story mode normal mission can convert energy to random bios on a roughly 1 energy to 1 bio rate (at roughly 9 per minute of manual play if massacring 7-3). However, if that doesn't appeal then (Dispatch) Missions run for Energy can produce 4* and higher Cards, ISO-8's, Enchanted Urus and Custom Gears. Note that (based on stats from 824 runs so far) the odds do not appear to be even: In order (Cards:ISO:Uru:Custom Gear), roughly 77:147:200:106. The most notable stats being that you can expect to get 35.7% fewer rewards than the number of runs, and of those rewards cards make up only 14.5%, which equates to 9.3% of the number of runs.