Dimension Shifters is a new feature that was added during game update 1.2.0. While playing through a certain mission in the Story Mission, there is a chance to cause a Dimension Shifter to appear. This gives you free biometrics upon completing that mission.

Appearance Edit

It appears randomly when playing through the missions. Dimension shifter may appear in one of the three scenarios:

  • Ally Shifter
  • Ally Shifter and Enemy Shifter
  • Enemy Shifter

When Ally Shifters appear, they will assist your hero with no HP bar appearing throughout the mission. Ally Shifters will not die or be killed because of their invincibility. Meanwhile, Enemy Shifters will be assisting the boss monster with an HP bar appearing for that mission. Enemy Shifters can either be killed or they will die after the boss has been defeated. Clearing the mission with a Dimension Shifter will grant you an additional reward.

Location Edit

Dimension Shifters only appear during Story and Special Missions.

Availability Edit

There are 10 Ally Shifters and 10 Enemy Shifters per day. They reset together with the daily resets which occur 12:00 AM (UTC +9). Alternatively, you can check Villain Siege's reset timer to see how long it is before the next reset.

Tips Edit

You just have to clear the mission normally by defeating the boss. You don't have to defeat the enemy Dimension Shifter. All you have to do is defeat the mission's boss and you can claim your free biometric.

Hero List Edit

Up to Chapter 8 Edit

Ally Shifters

  1. Luke Cage
    • "Need some help?"
    • "Looks like you're struggling a bit here!"
  2. Rocket Raccoon
  3. Sharon Carter
  4. Daredevil
  5. Black Cat
  6. Iron Man Mark 44 (Hulkbuster)
  7. Ultron
  8. Mockingbird
  9. Elektra
  10. War Machine
  11. Falcon
  12. Angela
  13. Venom

Enemy Shifters

  1. Captain Marvel
  2. M.O.D.O.K.
  3. Red Skull
  4. Iron Man
  5. Bullseye
  6. Kingpin
  7. Hulk
  8. Green Goblin
  9. Doctor Octopus
  10. Punisher
  11. Black Bolt
  12. Malekith
  13. Black Widow
  14. Winter Soldier

Chapter 9 & 10 Edit

Chapter 9 and 10 only have Ally Shifters.

Ally Shifters

  1. Phil Coulson
  2. Sif
  3. Daisy Johnson
  4. Melinda May (does not give any Biometrics)
  5. Bobbie Morse (gives Mockingbird Biometrics)
  6. Lincoln Campbell (Chapter 10)
  7. Deathlok (Chapter 10, Mission 6 and above only)

Chapter 11 & 12 Edit

Chapter 11 & 12 have Ally Shifters, however instead of giving Biometrics for the character, they give Uru materials.

Ally Shifters

  1. Angela
  2. Thor
  3. Sif
  4. Volstagg
  5. Hogun
  6. Fandral

Special Missions Edit

All Special Mission chapters have one Shifter, whose Biometrics are otherwise unobtainable without purchasing a Daily Crystal Pack. The New Avengers missions give Gwenpool's bios, the Inhumans missions give Inferno's bios and Spidey's Rogues Gallery missions give Vulture's bios. Gwenpool and Inferno are both Ally Shifters and Vulture is an Enemy Shifter.

Dark Dimension also has a Clea Ally Shifter. However, Memory Missions don't have any Shifters.

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