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Open Dimension Rifts that have a different theme each round to acquire rewards such as Exclusive Passive Skill Artifacts. Reach 100% progress with your Alliance and friends.

How to play

Dimension Rift Interface.png

Dimension Rift can be opened and entered through the banner from the main lobby screen or through the challenge tab.

  • The participation time and number of participants of an opened Dimension Rift is limited.
  • Each Agent can only open one dungeon for each round regardless of difficulty and grade.
  • Agents can request to join a Dimension Rift opened by another Agent up to 2 times in a round.
  • The available round changes by 15:00 (UTC+0) / 7:00 (PST) every day. Agents can participate in a maximum of 3 Dimension Rifts for each round.
  • The available join requests count does not decrease when battling in a Dimension Rift that you have opened yourself.


Dimension Rifts have a grade of Normal - Mythical.

  • Collect <Dimension Rift Summon Stone> of each grade to open a Dimension Rift.
  • Each Dimension Rift round can be opened once, and the Normal grade can be opened for free.
  • Dimension Rift Summon Stones can be acquired from Dimension Rift clear rewards, or by combining / dismantling materials.


The Dimension Rift themes that can be opened differ by round. Please check the schedule for details.

  • The Dimension Rift currently has themes 1-7.
  • Agents can select the difficulty when opening a Dimension Rift, but the theme that can be opened for each round is set.


If there is a Dimension Rift opened by yourself, a friend, or an Alliance member, tap the enter button to participate after selecting your heroes and difficulty.

  • Agents can choose 3 heroes as a team, and can control 1 hero. The Auto Play function is also available.
  • The progress point and rewards that can be acquired differ by difficulty.


You can acquire the following rewards by clearing Dimension Rift.

[Progress]: Clear stages to acquire progress points.

  • Progress points will no longer be acquired after reaching the maximum amount of points.

[First Clear Reward]: Receive rewards by clearing each difficulty for the first time.

[Clear Reward]: Acquire Uniforms, hero EXP, Artifacts, and Dimension Rift Summon Stones.

[Progress Reward]: Agents with 1 or more progress point in the Dimension Rift will receive the reward.

  • The reward will be sent to your Inbox after reaching 100% progress for a Dimension Rift.

[MVP Reward]: MVP rewards will be given to Agents who contributed the most in a Dimension Rift. Selection criteria: Acquire a total of 20 or more progress points, and rank 1st among the Agents who reached the required points.

  • Rewards will be sent to your Inbox after the Dimension Rift reaches 100% progress.

[Daily Progress Completion Reward]: Receive rewards based on progress completion count each day.

  • After reaching 100% progress, Agents have to tap the reward icon to receive the reward.
Dimension Rift Rewards.png