Co-op Play is a multiplayer mode that allows you to join forces with other players and build a team of up to 3 people to fight against Super Villains.


Players who possess characters minimum Level 40, 4 stars can enter Team-Up Play mode. No energy, gold etc. will be consumed. All you need to do to start is just choose and drag a hero who will fight in the Team-Up Play mode and start searching for a party.

You must spend Clear Tickets to aquire your rewards. The amount needed depends on the amount of characters that fit the requirements.

How it worksEdit

You can create a private game and invite your friends. If the number of players in private game is 2 or less, it will change into an open game.

The player who started searching first becomes a leader. After searching has finished and the team has been assembled, the leader can start the battle. After everybody is ready, the leader won't be able to change the hero. If the leader changes his hero, then the other Agents will be allowed to change their characters and will have to ready up one more time. If the leader doesn't start the battle in the given time, all team members will automatically exit Team-Up Play mode.

When a battle starts, the Villain is chosen randomly from a small group of characters - Doctor Octopus, Bullseye, Maestro, Loki, Destroyer and Kingpin. If your character dies in Team-Up Play mode, you can respawn. The respawn time varies depending on your number of deaths. Emotes can be used during the battle.


If you defeat the Super Villain in the given time, the mission will be cleared and you will be able to claim your rewards. The number of reward slots increases depending on the VIP level. The result screen of the Co-op Play battle will show the amount of damage dealt to the enemy by each player. Once a character is used, they cannot participate again until the next reset.

Get your progress to 100% to acquire a reward. Player get a Reward Progress depending on their contribution after Co-op Play. If you deal most the most damage, you gain 35%, for 2nd most 25%, and least 20%.

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