Characters can be recruited in the game through the use of Biometrics. The number of Biometrics required are 10, 20, and 40 depending on the character, check the list below to find the number for a specific character.

Hero Rank

You may rank up your characters to Rank 6 (each rank represented by a RankStar on the the character image) by collecting Biometrics. Ranking up will increase stats and unlock new skills for the character. Stat increases are independant on the level of the character when ranking up, i.e. there is no benefit of waiting to rank up a character at a higher level.

Some characters start at Rank 2 or 3 when you recruit them.

Hero Rank Required Biometrics Required Gold to Obtain Skills Unlocked Max Level
RankStar 10 N/A Skill 1, Skill 2 40
RankStarRankStar 20 21,000 - 40
RankStarRankStarRankStar 40 41,000 Skill 3 45
RankStarRankStarRankStarRankStar 80 81,000 Passive 50
RankStarRankStarRankStarRankStarRankStar 160 121,000 Skill 4 55
RankStarRankStarRankStarRankStarRankStarRankStar 320 241,000 Skill 5 60


Character Mastery increases stats and unlocks and upgrades the Leader Skill of your character. Norn Stones are required to upgrade the Mastery of your character. A character Mastery is limited by the character Rank, e.g.; you can only achieve Level 2 Mastery with a Rank 2 character. Mastery level is represented by MasteryStar on the image of your character.

Norn Stones have four types that correspond to the four Class types.

Mastery Level Required Norn Stones Required Gold
MasteryStar 30 11,000
MasteryStarMasteryStar 60 21,000
MasteryStarMasteryStarMasteryStar 90 41,000
MasteryStarMasteryStarMasteryStarMasteryStar 120 61,000
MasteryStarMasteryStarMasteryStarMasteryStarMasteryStar 150 84,000
MasteryStarMasteryStarMasteryStarMasteryStarMasteryStarMasteryStar 180 121,000


Characters that start at Tier-2 (Native Tier-2 Characters)

Characters that are upgraded through their Epic Quests

Doctor Strange, Wolverine, Deadpool and Mister Fantastic start at Tier-2 and upgrade rank, mastery and level through completing the objectives in their respective Epic Quest.

Other Native Tier-2 Characters

Adam Warlock, Apocalypse, Black Dwarf*, Cable, Corvus Glaive*, Doctor Doom, Dormammu, Ebony Maw*, Jean Grey, Odin, Proxima Midnight*, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Silver Surfer, Stryfe, Supergiant*.

*Black Order characters.

These characters are are upgraded in a different manner from other characters. The method for Stryfe, Apocalypse, Jean Grey and Cable is described in the paragraph "Native Tier-2 Upgrade Cost" below.

Characters that start at Tier-1

Any character that is not covered above, that is level 60, with level 20 gears, is 6 stars both in rank and mastery can be upgraded to Tier-2. It gives them a boost in stats and their Tier-2 passive skill (the one marked II).

Standard Advancement Cost from Tier-1 to Tier-2

Native Tier-2 Upgrade Cost

  • Stryfe, Apocalypse, Jean Grey and Cable
Character Stars Phoenix Feather M'kraan Crystal Gold (Rank Up & Mastery)
1 0 100 500,000
2 300 150 2,500,000
3 500 200 4,500,000
4 800 250 8,000,000
5 1200 300 11,500,000
6 1600 350 13,500,000
Level Up Material Jean Grey Apocalypse Cable
1-40 262 262 131
40-45 326 326 163
45-50 698 698 349
50-55 1498 1498 749
55-60 3224 3224 1612

Total Cost: 4400 Phoenix Feather, 1350 M'kraan Crystal, ±50,000,000 Gold and 3004/6008 Biometrics.

Potential and Tier-3

The Potential system and Tier-3 advancement have been added to further expand the character's growth. Get your characters to Tier-2 and 20/20/20/20 gears for Native Tier-2 first before doing the Potential and Tier-3 advancement.

A step-by-step guide on the new growth factor!

Step 1: Clear World Boss: Ultimate

- Gain essential rewards for Tier-3 advancement

Step 2: Realize Potential after clearing World Boss

- Clear World Bosses to fill up the gauge required to unlock Potential

Step 3: Work Up to 100% Chance of Raising Level of Potential

- This increases the character level cap, and therefore raising the level cap of Gear as well

Step 4: Achieve Level 70 + Gear Level at 25

- This enables advancement to Tier-3

Step 5: Advance to Tier-3!!

- Be prepared to unleash the all-powerful new active skill

Step 6: Challenge World Boss: Ultimate at a Higher Level

- Use your newfound power to clear each stage and gain new first-clear rewards to boost your characters

Enhance Potential Requirement

Potential Level Character Max Level Gear Max Level 100% Materials Needed (BAM) 100% Materials Needed (CNS) 100% Materials Needed (Cosmic Cube Fragments) Gold Needed
2 62 21 276 231 50 500,000
3 64 22 553 461 100 1,000,000
4 66 23 827 690 151 1,500,000
5 68 24 1,667 1,389 301 3,000,000
6 70 25 2,223 1,852 400 4,000,000
Total 5,546 4,623 1,002 10,000,000

Character Level Up

Potential Level Character Max Level Bio / X-Gene Required
2 62 361
3 64 424
4 66 477
5 68 537
6 70 604
Total 2,403

All Characters

Combat Combat

Name Base Tier Biometrics Location

Starting Stars

(required Biometrics)

AbsorbingManIcon Absorbing Man Tier-1 Shop RankStar (10)
AgentVenomIcon Agent Venom Tier-1 Biometric Subscription Package RankStar (10)
AmericaChavez America Chavez Tier-1 13-2, 13-5, 13-8 RankStar (10)
ApocalypseIcon Apocalypse Tier-2 World Boss RankStar (10)
BeastIcon Beast Tier-1 Tracking: Friends and Enemies RankStar (10)
BlackPantherIcon Black Panther Tier-1 8-1, 13-3, 13-7 RankStarRankStar (20)
Blade Blade Tier-1 3-1, 3-4, 5-7 RankStar (10)
BullseyeIcon Bullseye Tier-1 4-3, 6-1, 7-4, Dimension Shifter RankStar (10)
CaptainAmericaIcon Captain America Tier-1 Starting Character, 1-1, 3-10, 5-6 RankStar (n/a)
CarnageIcon Carnage Tier-1 Biometric Subscription Package RankStar (10)
ColossusIcon Colossus Tier-1 X-Genes Subscription Package, Faction Battle event RankStar (10)
CrescentIcon Crescent Tier-1 Biometric Subscription Package, Event Battle RankStar (10)
Crossbones Crossbones Tier-1 Shop RankStar RankStar (20)
Deathlok Deathlok Tier-1 10-5, 10-6, 10-7, Special AoS Ch9-10 Shifter RankStar RankStar (20)
DoctorOctopusIcon Doctor Octopus Tier-1 3-11, 5-10, 7-10, Dimension Shifter, Chaos Chest RankStar (10)
DraxIcon Drax Tier-1 Dimension Rift RankStar (10)
GiantManIcon Giant-Man Tier-1 Dimension Rift RankStar RankStar (20)
Goliath Goliath Tier-1 Shop RankStar (10)
GorgonIcon Gorgon Tier-1 Special Mission: Inhuman Visitor RankStar (10)
GorillaManIcon Gorilla-Man Tier-1 Shop RankStar (10)
GrootIcon Groot Tier-1 Dimenison Rift RankStar (10)
HogunIcon Hogun Tier-1 11-7, 12-3, 12-7 RankStar (10)
HulkIcon Hulk Tier-1 Dimension Shifter, Chaos Token, Shop RankStarRankStarRankStar (40)
HulkChoIcon Hulk (Amadeus Cho) Tier-1 Shop RankStar (10)
HulklingIcon Hulkling Tier-1 Special Mission: A Green Monster in Shanghai RankStar (10)
Iron Fist Iron Fist Tier-1 4-5, 6-5, Honor Chest RankStar (10)
HulkbusterIcon Iron Man Mark 44 (Hulkbuster) Tier-1 Dimension Shifter, Chaos Chest, Chaos Token, Shop RankStarRankStar (20)
JessicaJonesIcon Jessica Jones Tier-1 Shop RankStar (10)
JuggernautIcon Juggernaut Tier-1 X-Gene Subscription Package RankStar (10)
KillmongerIcon Killmonger Tier-1 Biometric Subscription Package RankStar (10)
Kingpin Kingpin Tier-1 4-10, 7-6, Dimension Shifter, Honor Chest RankStarRankStar (20)
LizardIcon Lizard Tier-1 Special Mission: Beauty and the Beasts RankStar (10)
LukeCageIcon Luke Cage Tier-1 2-3, 5-8, 6-9, Dimension Shifter RankStar (10)
MinnErvaIcon Minn-Erva Tier-1 Shop RankStar (10)
MoltenManIcon Molten Man Tier-1 Shop RankStar (10)
MoonKnightIcon Moon Knight Tier-1 Shop RankStar (10)
MrFantasticIcon Mister Fantastic Tier-2 Epic Quest: First Family RankStar (10)
MsMarvelKamalaKhanIcon Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) Tier-1 Shop RankStar (10)
NamorIcon Namor Tier-1 X-Gene Subscription Package RankStar (10)
NebulaIcon Nebula Tier-1 Dimension Rift RankStar (10)
PunisherIcon Punisher Tier-1 2-2, 2-8, 6-6, Dimension Shifter, Honor Chest RankStarRankStar (20)
RedHulkIcon Red Hulk Tier-1 Honor Chest, Honor Token RankStar RankStar (20)
RhinoIcon Rhino Tier-1 Special Mission: Time is Running Out RankStar (10)
SabretoothIcon Sabretooth Tier-1 Shop RankStar (10)
SandmanIcon Sandman Tier-1 Special Mission: The Lullaby of Sandman RankStar (10)
ShangChiIcon Shang-Chi Tier-1 Shop RankStar (10)
SheHulkIcon She-Hulk Tier-1 Battleworld RankStar (10)
SifIcon Sif Tier-1 9-1, 9-5, 10-4, Special AoS Ch9-10 Shifter RankStar RankStar (20)
SkurgeIcon Skurge Tier-1 Shop RankStar (10)
SwordMasterIcon Sword Master Tier-1 Shop RankStar (10)
TaskmasterIcon Taskmaster Tier-1 Shop RankStar (10)
ThingIcon Thing Tier-1 Epic Quest: First Family - Clobberin' Time RankStar (10)
TitaniaIcon Titania Tier-1 Shop RankStar (10)
UlikIcon Ulik Tier-1 11-1, 11-2, 11-3 RankStar (10)
ValkyrieIcon Valkyrie Tier-1 Biometric Subscription Package RankStar (10)
VenomIcon Venom Tier-1 3-3, 7-8, Dimension Shifter, Chaos Chest RankStarRankStar (20)
VolstaggIcon Volstagg Tier-1 11-5, 11-8, 12-4 RankStar (10)
WarTigerIcon War Tiger Tier-1 Shop RankStar (10)
WarpathIcon Warpath Tier-1 Dimension Rift - Lost Warrior RankStar (10)
WarwolfIcon Warwolf Tier-1 Honor Chest, Honor Token RankStar RankStar (20)
WhiteTigerIcon White Tiger Tier-1 Special Mission: We'll Always Have Paris RankStar (10)
WolverineIcon Wolverine Tier-2 Epic Quest: Rise of the X-Men RankStar (n/a)

Blast Blast

Name Base Tier Biometrics Location

Starting Stars

(required Biometrics)

AdamWarlockIcon Adam Warlock Tier-2 Store RankStarRankStar (20)
AncientOneIcon Ancient One Tier-1 Memory Mission: Monastery in Trouble RankStar (10)
BaronMordoIcon Baron Mordo Tier-1 Memory Mission: Road to the Monastery RankStar (10)
BishopIcon Bishop Tier-1 Dimension Rift: Mutant from the Future RankStar (10)
BlueDragonIcon Blue Dragon Tier-1 Shop RankStar (10)
CableIcon Cable Tier-2 World Boss RankStar (10)
SharonRogersIcon Captain America (Sharon Rogers) Tier-1 Shop RankStar (10)
CrystalIcon Crystal Tier-1 Special Mission: Crystal Palace RankStar (10)
CyclopsIcon Cyclops Tier-1 Tracking: Blindsided! RankStar (10)
DaisyJohnsonIcon Daisy Johnson Tier-1 9-4, 9-7, 10-8, Special AoS Ch9-10 Shifter RankStarRankStar (20)
DoctorStrangeIcon Doctor Strange Tier-2 Epic Quest RankStar (n/a)
EmmaFrostIcon Emma Frost Tier-1 Store RankStar (n/a)
EnchantressIcon Enchantress Tier-1 Biometric Subscription Package RankStarRankStar (20)
GambitIcon Gambit Tier-1 X-Genes Subscription Package RankStar (10)
HumanTorchIcon Human Torch Tier-1 Epic Quest: First Family - Hothead RankStar (10)
HydroManIcon Hydro-Man Tier-1 Shop RankStar (10)
IcemanIcon Iceman Tier-1 Shop RankStar (10)
InfernoIcon Inferno Tier-1 Special Inhumans Shifter, Biometric Subscription Package RankStar (10)
InvisibleWomanIcon Invisible Woman Tier-1 Special Epic Quest: First Family - Doom's Day RankStar (10)
IronManIcon Iron Man Tier-1 Starting Character, 1-2, 3-5, 5-2, 8-2, Dimension Shifter RankStar(n/a)
IronheartIcon Ironheart Tier-1 Biometric Subscription Package RankStar (10)
JeanGreyIcon Jean Grey Tier-2 Epic Quest: Rebirth of the Phoenix RankStar (n/a)
JubileeIcon Jubilee Tier-2 x-Gene Subscription Package RankStar (10)
KaeciliusIcon Kaecilius Tier-1 Memory Mission: Power Of The Dark RankStar (10)
KidOmegaIcon Kid Omega Tier-1 Danger Room RankStar (10)
LashIcon Lash Tier-1 Chaos Chest, Chaos Token RankStarRankStar (20)
LincolnCampbellIcon Lincoln Campbell Tier-1 9-8, 10-1, 10-2, Special AoS Ch9-10 Shifter RankStarRankStar (20)
MODOK M.O.D.O.K. Tier-1 2-9, 6-3, 7-7, Dimension Shifter, Dimension Rift RankStar (10)
MagikIcon Magik Tier-1 X-Genes Subscription Package RankStar (10)
MagnetoIcon Magneto Tier-1 Featured Shop RankStar (n/a)
MalekithIcon Malekith Tier-1 11-4, Dimension Shifter RankStarRankStar (20)
MantisIcon Mantis Tier-1 Shop RankStar (10)
MaximusIcon Maximus Tier-1 Special Mission: Homecoming RankStar (10)
MisterSinisterIcon Mister Sinister Tier-1 X-Gene Subscription Package RankStar (10)
MoonGirlIcon Moon Girl Tier-1 Special Mission: Savage Is as Savage Does RankStar (10)
MysterioIcon Mysterio Tier-1 Special Mission: The A.I.M. is clear RankStar (10)
NegasonicTeenageWarheadIcon Negasonic Teenage Warhead Tier-1 Danger Room - Negasonic Teenage Warhead Special Training Package RankStar (10)
PhilCoulsonIcon Phil Coulson Tier-1 9-3, 9-6, 10-3, Special AoS Ch9-10 Shifter RankStarRankStar (20)
ProfessorXIcon Professor X Tier-1 Professor X's Special Training in Danger Room RankStarRankStar (20)
PsylockeIcon Psylocke Tier-1 Epic Quest: Beginning of the Chaos RankStar (n/a)
RachelSummersIcon Rachel Summers Tier-1 Rachel Summer's Special Training in Danger Room RankStar (n/a)
RedSkullIcon Red Skull Tier-1 6-10, 7-3, 7-11, Dimension Shifter, Chaos Chest RankStar (10)
RescueIcon Rescue Tier-1 Biometric Subscription Package RankStar (10)
RocketRaccoonIcon Rocket Raccoon Tier-1 Dimension Shifter RankStarRankStar (20)
ScarletWitchIcon Scarlet Witch Tier-2 World Boss RankStarRankStar (20)
SisterGrimmIcon Sister Grimm Tier-1 Battleworld RankStar (10)
SongbirdIcon Songbird Tier-1 Special Mission: Baked Alaska RankStar (10)
StarLordIcon Star-Lord Tier-1 Dimension Shifter, Chaos Chest RankStarRankStar (20)
StormIcon Storm Tier-1 Tracking: Weathering the Storm RankStar (10)
StryfeIcon Stryfe Tier-2 Epic Quest: The Clone of Cable RankStar (n/a)
UlyssesKlaueIcon Ulysses Klaue Tier-1 Shop RankStar (10)
VisionIcon Vision Tier-1 1-5, 1-7, 5-3 RankStar (10)
War Machine War Machine Tier-1 1-3, 5-5, 8-7, Dimension Shifter RankStar (10)
WaspIcon Wasp Tier-1 Dimension Rift, Chaos Chest RankStar (10)
WaspNadiaVanDyneIcon Wasp (Nadia Van Dyne) Tier-1 Biometric Subscription Package RankStar (10)
WeaponHexIcon Weapon Hex Tier-1 Biometric Subscription Package RankStar (10)
WhiplashIcon Whiplash Tier-1 Shop RankStar (10)
WiccanIcon Wiccan Tier-1 Special Mission: Jungle Boogie RankStar (10)
Yllowjacket Yellowjacket Tier-1 Dimension Rift RankStarRankStar (20)

Speed Speed

Name Base Tier Biometrics Location

Starting Stars

(required Biometrics)

AeroIcon Aero Tier-1 3-8, 6-8, 8-6, Dimension Shifter, Honor Chest RankStar(10)
Agent 13 (Sharon Carter) Agent 13 Tier-1 Biometric Subscription Package RankStar(10)
AngelIcon Angel Tier-1 Dimension Rift - Fallen Angel RankStar(10)
AntManIcon Ant-Man Tier-1 Special 10 Shifter, Special 11 Shifter RankStar (10)
ArachknightIcon Arachknight Tier-1 Heroic Quest RankStar (10)
BaronZemoIcon Baron Zemo Tier-1 Biometric Subscription Package RankStar (10)
BlackCatIcon Black Cat Tier-1 Dimension Shifter RankStarRankStarRankStar (40)
BlackWidowIcon Black Widow Tier-1 Starting Character, 1-4, 2-6, 3-9, 5-4, Dimension Shifter RankStar (n/a)
Daredevil Daredevil Tier-1 4-1, 4-9, 6-4 RankStar (10)
DeadpoolIcon Deadpool Tier-1 Epic Quest: X-Force RankStar (n/a)
DominoIcon Domino Tier-1 Epic Quest - Mission: Messy Friends RankStar (10)
ElectroIcon Electro Tier-1 Biometric Subscription Package RankStar (10)
ElektraIcon Elektra Tier-1 4-6, 7-2, 7-5, Dimension Shifter, Honor Chest RankStarRankStar (20)
ElsaBloodstoneIcon Elsa Bloodstone Tier-1 Chaos Chest, Chaos Token RankStarRankStar (20)
FalconIcon Falcon Tier-1 2-5, 4-7, 6-2, Dimension Shifter RankStar (10)
Fandral Fandral Tier-1 11-6, 12-2, 12-6 RankStar (10)
FantomexIcon Fantomex Tier-1 Epic Quest - Mission: Messy Friends RankStar (10)
GamoraIcon Gamora Tier-1 Honor Chest, Honor Token RankStarRankStar (20)
GhostIcon Ghost Tier-1 Biometric Subscription Package RankStar (10)
GreenGoblinIcon Green Goblin Tier-1 3-7, 7-1, 7-9, Dimension Shifter, Chaos Chest RankStar (10)
GwenpoolIcon Gwenpool Tier-1 Special: New Avengers Shifter, RankStar (10)
HawkeyeIcon Hawkeye Tier-1 3-2, 4-2, 8-3 RankStar (10)
HawkeyeKateBishopIcon Hawkeye (Kate Bishop) Tier-1 Villain Seige RankStar (10)
HellcatIcon Hellcat Tier-1 Shop RankStar (10)
KarnakIcon Karnak Tier-1 Special Mission: Karnak Lights up Broadway RankStar (10)
KidKaijuIcon Kid Kaiju Tier-1 Biometric Subscription Package RankStar (10)
KittyPrydeIcon Kitty Pryde Tier-1 X-Gene Subscription Package RankStar (10)
KorathIcon Korath Tier-1 Shop RankStar (10)
KraventheHunterIcon Kraven The Hunter Tier-1 Special Mission: The Hunter and the Hunted RankStar (10)
LunaSnowIcon Luna Snow Tier-1 Biometric Subscription Package, Event Battle RankStar (10)
MistyKnightIcon Misty Knight Tier-1 Shop RankStar (10)
MystiqueIcon Mystique Tier-1 Shop RankStar (10)
NickFuryIcon Nick Fury Tier-1 Biometric Subscription Package RankStar (10)
NightcrawlerIcon Nightcrawler Tier-1 S.H.I.E.L.D. Lab Processor RankStar (10)
QuickSilverIcon Quicksilver Tier-2 World Boss RankStar (10)
RogueIcon Rogue Tier-1 Tracking: Going Rogue RankStar (10)
ShuriIcon Shuri Tier-1 Shop RankStar (10)
SilkIcon Silk Tier-1 Battleworld RankStar (10)
SinIcon Sin Tier-1 Shop RankStar (10)
SpiderGwenIcon Spider-Gwen Tier-1 Battleworld RankStar (10)
SpiderManIcon Spider-Man Tier-1 3-6, 5-9, 8-8 RankStarRankStar (20)
MilesMoralesIcon Spider-Man (Miles Morales) Tier-1 Battleworld RankStar (10)
SpiderMan2099Icon Spider-Man 2099 Tier-1 Biometric Subscription Package RankStar (10)
Squirrel Girl Squirrel Girl Tier-1 Special Mission: New York State of Mind RankStar (10)
SunBirdIcon Sun Bird Tier-1 Biometric Subscription Package, Event Battle RankStar (10)
ViperIcon Viper Tier-1 Shop RankStar (10)
VultureIcon Vulture Tier-1 Spidey's Rogues Gallery Special Mission Enemy Shifter, Biometrics Subscription Package RankStar (10)
WaveIcon Wave Tier-1 Heroic Quest RankStar (10)
WhiteFoxIcon White Fox Tier-1 Heroic Quest RankStar (10)
WinterSoldierIcon Winter Soldier Tier-1 2-7, 6-7, 8-5, Dimension Shifter RankStar (10)
WongIcon Wong Tier-1 Memory Mission: Mysterious Ambush RankStar (10)
X23Icon X-23 Tier-1 S.H.I.E.L.D. Lab's Processor, Event Battle RankStar (10)
YonduIcon Yondu Tier-1 Dimension Rift RankStar (10)

Universal Universal

Name Base Tier Biometrics Location

Starting Stars

(required Biometrics)

AngelaIcon Angela Tier-1 Dimension Shifter RankStarRankStarRankStar (40)
AntiManIcon Anti-Man Tier-1 S.H.I.E.L.D. Lab's Processor RankStar (10)
BlackBoltIcon Black Bolt Tier-1 8-10, Dimension Shifter, Honor Chest RankStarRankStar (20)
BlackDwarfIcon Black Dwarf Tier-2 World Boss RankStar (10)
BlueMarvelIcon Blue Marvel Tier-1 Story 13-8 first time, S.H.I.E.L.D. Lab's Processor RankStar (10)
CaptainMarvelIcon Captain Marvel Tier-1 Dimension Shifter, Honor Chest, 13-4, 13-6 RankStarRankStarRankStar (40)
CleaIcon Clea Tier-1 Dark Dimension Ally Shifter, Biometric Subscription Package RankStar (10)
CorvusGlaiveIcon Corvus Glaive Tier-2 World Boss RankStar (10)
DormammuIcon Dormammu Tier-2 Upon completion of Ruler of the Dark Dimension Quest Pack RankStar (20)
DestroyerIcon Destroyer Tier-1 Shop RankStarRankStarRankStar (40)
DoctorDoomIcon Doctor Doom Tier-2 Epic Quest: First Family - Ruler of Latveria RankStar (10)
DoctorVoodooIcon Doctor Voodoo Tier-1 Shop RankStar (10)
EbonyMawIcon Ebony Maw Tier-2 World Boss RankStar (10)
GhostPantherIcon Ghost Panther Tier-1 Biometric Subscription Package RankStar (10)
GhostRiderIcon Ghost Rider Tier-1 4-4, 4-8, 8-4 RankStar (10)
GhostRiderRobbieReyesIcon Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes) Tier-1 Shop RankStar (10)
Heimdall Heimdall Tier-1 Shop RankStar (10)
HelaIcon Hela Tier-1 12-1 RankStarRankStar (20)
HellstormIcon Hellstorm Tier-1 Dark Dimension: Increasing Darkness RankStar (10)
HyperionIcon Hyperion Tier-1 Biometric Subscription Package RankStar (10)
IronHammerIcon Iron Hammer Tier-1 Shop RankStar (10)
LokiIcon Loki Tier-1 Dimension Rift RankStarRankStar (20)
MedusaIcon Medusa Tier-1 Shop RankStar (10)
MorganLeFayIcon Morgan Le Fay Tier-1 Shop RankStar (10)
NovaSamAlexanderIcon Nova (Sam Alexander) Tier-1 S.H.I.E.L.D. Lab's Processor RankStar (10)
OdinIcon Odin Tier-2 Upon completion of 12-8 RankStar (20)
ProximaMidnightIcon Proxima Midnight Tier-2 World Boss RankStar (10)
QuasarAvrilKincaidIcon Quasar (Avril Kincaid) Tier-1 Biometric Subscription Package RankStar (10)
RonanIcon Ronan Tier-1 Dimension Rift RankStarRankStar (20)
SatanaIcon Satana Tier-1 Dark Dimension: Dark Advent, Biometric Subscription Package RankStar (10)
SentinelIcon Sentinel Tier-1 Biometric Subscription Package RankStar (10)
ShadowShellIcon Shadow Shell Tier-1 Shop RankStar (10)
SilverSurferIcon Silver Surfer Tier-2 Giant Boss Raid RankStarRankStar (20)
SingularityIcon Singularity Tier-1 Battleworld RankStar (10)
SlapstickIcon Slapstick Tier-1 Biometric Subscription Package RankStar (10)
SupergiantIcon Supergiant Tier-2 World Boss RankStar (10)
ThanosIcon Thanos Tier-2 World Boss RankStar (20)
ThorIcon Thor Tier-1 8-9 RankStarRankStar (20)
ThorJaneFosterIcon Thor (Jane Foster) Tier-1 Shop RankStar (10)
UltronIcon Ultron Tier-1 1-6, 1-8, 7-12, Dimension Rift, Dimension Shifter, Chaos Chest RankStarRankStar (20)
VictoriousIcon Victorious Tier-1 Biometric Subscription Package RankStar (10)

AbsorbingManIconAgentVenomIconAmericaChavezApocalypseIconBeastIconBlackPantherIconBladeBullseyeIconCaptainAmericaIconCarnageIconColossusIconCrescentIconCrossbonesDeathlokDoctorOctopusIconDraxIconGiantManIconGoliathGorgonIconGorillaManIconGrootIconHogunIconHulkIconHulkChoIconHulkbusterIconHulklingIconIron FistJessicaJonesIconJuggernautIconKillmongerIconKingpinLizardIconLukeCageIconMinnErvaIconMoltenManIconMoonKnightIconMrFantasticIconMsMarvelKamalaKhanIconNamorIconNebulaIconPunisherIconRedHulkIconRhinoIconSabretoothIconSandmanIconShangChiIconSheHulkIconSifIconSkurgeIconSwordMasterIconTaskmasterIconThingIconTitaniaIconUlikIconValkyrieIconVenomIconVolstaggIconWarTigerIconWarpathIconWarwolfIconWhiteTigerIconWolverineIcon
AdamWarlockIconAncientOneIconBaronMordoIconBishopIconBlueDragonIconCableIconSharonRogersIconCrystalIconCyclopsIconDaisyJohnsonIconDoctorStrangeIconEmmaFrostIconEnchantressIconGambitIconHumanTorchIconHydroManIconIcemanIconInfernoIconInvisibleWomanIconIronManIconIronheartIconJeanGreyIconJubileeIconKaeciliusIconKidOmegaIconLashIconLincolnCampbellIconMagikIconMagnetoIconMalekithIconMantisIconMaximusIconMODOKMoonGirlIconMisterSinisterIconMysterioIconNegasonicTeenageWarheadIconPhilCoulsonIconProfessorXIconPsylockeIconRachelSummersIconRedSkullIconRescueIconRocketRaccoonIconScarletWitchIconSisterGrimmIconSongbirdIconStarLordIconStormIconStryfeIconUlyssesKlaueIconVisionIconWar MachineWaspIconWaspNadiaVanDyneIconWeaponHexIconWhiplashIconWiccanIconYllowjacket
AeroIconAgent 13 (Sharon Carter)AngelIconAntManIconArachknightIconBaronZemoIconBlackCatIconBlackWidowIconDaredevilDeadpoolIconDominoIconElectroIconElektraIconElsaBloodstoneIconFalconIconFandralFantomexIconGamoraIconGhostIconGreenGoblinIconGwenpoolIconHawkeyeIconHawkeyeKateBishopIconHellcatIconKarnakIconKidKaijuIconKittyPrydeIconKorathIconKraventheHunterIconLunaSnowIconMistyKnightIconMockingbirdIconMystiqueIconNickFuryIconNightcrawlerIconQuickSilverIconRogueIconShuriIconSilkIconSinIconSpiderGwenIconSpiderManIconMilesMoralesIconSpiderMan2099IconSquirrel Girl SunBirdIconViperIconVultureIconWaveIconWhiteFoxIconWinterSoldierIconWongIconX23IconYonduIcon
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