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ApocalypseIcon.png Apocalypse

Apocalypse (Age of Apocalypse).png
Real Name En Sabah Nur
Type Combat.png Combat
Base Tier Tier-2
Allies Mutant
Gender Male
Side Super Villain
Instinct Destruction
Biometrics World Boss
Uniform Age of Apocalypse
Base Stats (Max Stats)
Rank RankStar.png (MasteryStar.pngMasteryStar.pngMasteryStar.pngMasteryStar.pngMasteryStar.pngMasteryStar.png)
Level 1 (60)
Energy Atk 35 (7046)
Physical Def 21 (4624)
Energy Def 23 (5111)

175 (20366)

Apocalypse Uniform I.png Apocalypse

Apocalypse (Messiah Complex).png
Real Name En Sabah Nur
Type Combat.png Combat
Base Tier Tier-2
Allies Mutant
Gender Male
Side Super Villain
Instinct Destruction
Biometrics World Boss
Uniform Messiah Complex
Base Stats (Max Stats)
Rank RankStar.png (MasteryStar.pngMasteryStar.pngMasteryStar.pngMasteryStar.pngMasteryStar.pngMasteryStar.png)
Level 1 (60)
Energy Atk 35 (7046)
Physical Def 21 (4624)
Energy Def 23 (5111)

175 (20366)

7'0" (213.4 cm)
725 lbs. (328.9 kg)
Apply to: Self

Physical Attack +3%

Apply to: Self

Attack Speed +3%

En Sabah Nur was born nearly five-thousand years ago in the Valley of the Kings. He was born with gray skin and blue lines running across his mouth inspiring fear even as a child. Apocalypse's original body was immortal, however with the use of celestial technology, he can enter a state of suspended animation to recover from any wounds. He has superhuman physical abilities, psionic powers and an incredible intellect. Apocalypse also has control over his own molecular which allows his to biomorph as he pleases.

Gear Info
All Attack (+20: 824)

Attack Speed (+20: 585)

Apocalypse's Armor
All Defenses (+20: 709)

Movement Speed (+20: 597)

Apocalypse's Cloak
Skill Cooldown (+20: 1194)

Crowd Control Time (+20: 620)

Floating Stone
HP (+20: 2802)

Recovery Rate (+20: 597)

End of Days
Applies to: All Allies

+3% increase to All Attack, +3% increase to All Defense, +1% increase to All Speed

Passive Skill
Celestial Armor
Apply to: Self

Decreases all damage received by +25%
Super Armor, All Defenses +5%

Required Rank: RankStar.pngRankStar.pngRankStar.pngRankStar.png

Apply to: Self

Ignores target's Dodge Rate by 50%
Increases Skill damage by 25% and increases Bonus Damage by 30%

Requires Hero Advancement

Active Skills
Basic Attack
Ranged, 2 Hit, Teleports to target, Small AOE.

Melee, 3 Hit, Line AOE.

Weapon of War (Energy Attack)
72% Energy Damage, Add Energy Damage 153

Apply to: Enemy
Deals 30% Bleed damage every 1 sec (3 Sec.)

Ranged, 2 Hit.
Jumps to target, 1 Hit, Small AOE.
Ranged, 4 Hit, Line AOE.

Cooldown Time: 10 seconds

Emperor's Hand (Energy Attack)
146% Energy Damage, Add Energy Damage 153

Apply to: Enemy
All Defenses decreased by -300 (15-20 Sec.)
Fear (3-7 Sec.)

Ranged, 14 Hit.

Cooldown Time: 7 seconds

Impending Doom (Energy Attack)
110% Energy Damage, Add Energy Damage 31

Apply to: Enemy
Remove ALL BUFFS from Target (1 Sec.)
Snare (2 Sec.)
Apply to: Self
+5% increase to All Attack, +3% increase to All Defense (10 Sec), +1% increase to All Speed (10 Sec.)

Ranged, 8 Hits, Draws in targets. 2 Hits, Pushback.

Cooldown Time: 15 seconds

Required Rank: RankStar.pngRankStar.pngRankStar.png

Fist of Judgment (Physical Attack)
178% Physical Damage, Add Physical Damage 153

Apply to: Self
75% chance for Immunity to All Damage (5 Sec.) Apply to: Enemy
Deals 30% Burn damage every 1 Sec (5-8 Sec.)

Ranged, 24 Hit, Split.

Cooldown Time: 15 seconds

Required Rank: RankStar.pngRankStar.pngRankStar.pngRankStar.pngRankStar.png

Fear Fragment (Energy Attack)
151% Energy Damage, Add Energy Damage 51

Apply to: Enemy
Stun (2 Sec.)
Apply to: Self
1.5 recovery of MAX HP (4 Sec.)
Summon 4 illusions with 40% of the summoner's stats (10 Sec.)

Ranged, Large AOE, Iframe.
Recovery in field effect. Summons fire line AOE 5 times.

Cooldown Time: 15 seconds

Required Rank: RankStar.pngRankStar.pngRankStar.pngRankStar.pngRankStar.pngRankStar.png

Armageddon (Mind Attack)
180% Mind Damage, Add Mind Damage 31

Apply to: Enemies
Paralyze (3 Sec.)
Stun (3 Sec.)
Deals 30% Burn damage every 1 sec. (5 Sec.)
Apply to: Self
80% chance to penetrate with SUPER ARMOR, BARRIER, SHIELD, ALL DAMAGE IMMUNE, INVINCIBLE effect. (7 Sec.)
Invincible (7 Sec.)
Increases damage by 100% for 1 attack(s). (7 Sec.)

Required Rank: Tier-3 Advancement

Apocalypse Uniform I.png Messiah Complex
Applies to: Self

+35% chance to penetrate with MIND IMMUNITY effect
+20% Ignore Defense
Enhances effect of skill, Celestial Armor.

Uniform Options
Crystal Uniform I.png Doctor Strange Uniform II.png Wasp Uniform II.png Rocket Raccoon Uniform IIII.png SpiderMan2099Icon2.png

Reborn Brotherhood
ApocalypseIcon.png AbominationIcon.png MoonKnightIcon.png

All Attack ↑ +5.2%
Attack Speed ↑ +4.9%%
Dodge ↑ +4.8%

Genetic Complexity
ApocalypseIcon.png MisterSinisterIcon.png CableIcon.png

All Attack ↑ +5.4%
Critical Rate ↑ +4.7%%
Cooldown Duration ↓ 4.8%

X 2 Bonuses:
ApocalypseIcon.pngCableIcon.png   MisterSinisterIcon.pngCableIcon.png

Ultimate Blue Genetics
ApocalypseIcon.png MisterSinisterIcon.png MystiqueIcon.png

All Attack ↑ +5.2%
Attack Speed ↑ +4.9%%
Movement Speed ↑ +4.8%

Quiet Council #1
ApocalypseIcon.png MagnetoIcon.png ProfessorXIcon.png

Energy Attack ↑ +5.1%
Ignore Defense 4.8%%
Critical Rate ↑ +4.8%

X 2 Bonuses:

Malleable Body
ApocalypseIcon.png MisterFantasticIcon.png SlapstickIcon.png

All Attack ↑ +5.2%
Critical Rate ↑ +5.2%
Ignore Defense 4.8%

Changed Future
ApocalypseIcon.png MagnetoIcon.png BishopIcon.png

Energy Attack ↑ +5.2%
All Defense ↑ +5.2%
Cooldown Duration ↓ 4.8%

Messiah War
ApocalypseIcon.png WarpathIcon.png StryfeIcon.png

All Attack ↑ +5.4%
Physical Defense ↑ +5.2%
Critical Damage ↑ +4.7%

X 2 Bonuses:

Returning Apocalypse
ApocalypseIcon.png StryfeIcon.png AngelIcon.png

All Attack ↑ +5.4%
All Defense ↑ +5.2%
Critical Rate ↑ +4.7%

X 2 Bonuses:
ApocalypseIcon.pngStryfeIcon.png   ApocalypseIcon.pngAngelIcon.png

Horsemen of Apocalypse
ApocalypseIcon.png ColossusIcon.png WolverineIcon.png

Critical Rate ↑ +4.9%
Critical Damage ↑ +4.7%
Max HP ↑ +5.1%

X 2 Bonuses:
ApocalypseIcon.pngWolverineIcon.png   ColossusIcon.pngWolverineIcon.png

Kang's Trap
ApocalypseIcon.png ThorIcon.png BaronMordoIcon.png

All Defense ↑ +5.4%
Energy Attack ↑ +5.1%
Max HP ↑ +5.0%

X 2 Bonuses:

End of Apocalypse
ApocalypseIcon.png JeanGreyIcon.png CableIcon.png

All Attack ↑ +5.1%
Attack Speed ↑ +5.0%
Ignore Defense 4.7%

X 2 Bonuses:
ApocalypseIcon.pngCableIcon.png   JeanGreyIcon.pngCableIcon.png

Full Power
ApocalypseIcon.png IcemanIcon.png

Energy Attack ↑ +5.4%
All Defense ↑ +5.1%

Mythical Presence
ApocalypseIcon.png MorganLeFayIcon.png

Cooldown Duration ↓ 5.0%
Crowd Control Time ↓ 4.7%

Horsemen of Apocalypse
ApocalypseIcon.png GambitIcon.png

Critical Rate ↑ +4.9%
Critical Damage ↑ +4.9%

Beginning of Stryfe
ApocalypseIcon.png StryfeIcon.png

Movement Speed ↑ +5.0%
Dodge ↑ +4.7%

Birth of Genesis
ApocalypseIcon.png FantomexIcon.png

All Defense ↑ +5.2%
Max HP ↑ +5.2%

Birth of Archangel
ApocalypseIcon.png AngelIcon.png

All Attack ↑ +5.4%
Critical Damage ↑ +4.8%

Awakening Apocalypse
ApocalypseIcon.png CableIcon.png

Max HP ↑ +5.2%
Ignore Defense 4.9%

The Jungle Adventure
ApocalypseIcon.png WolverineIcon.png

Attack Speed ↑ +4.8%
Critical Rate ↑ +5.0%

Thunder God's Indignity
ApocalypseIcon.png ThorIcon.png

Energy Attack ↑ +5.1%
Ignore Defense 5.0%

Horseman of Apocalypse
ApocalypseIcon.png HulkIcon.png

Energy Defense ↑ +5.2%
Recovery Rate ↑ +4.9%

New Body
ApocalypseIcon.png CyclopsIcon.png

Attack Speed ↑ +5.1%
Cooldown Duration ↓ 4.9%

HulkIcon.png Hulk 16% chance to appear when attacking.
ThorIcon.png Thor 11% chance to appear when attacked.
UltronIcon.png Ultron 13% chance to appear when attacking.
BaronMordoIcon.png Baron Mordo 20% chance to appear when attacking.
CyclopsIcon.png Cyclops 17% chance to appear when attacking.
WolverineIcon.png Wolverine 19% chance to appear when attacked.
StormIcon.png Storm 17% chance to appear when attacked.
MagnetoIcon.png Magneto 20% chance to appear when attacked.
CableIcon.png Cable 21% chance to appear when attacking.
ColossusIcon.png Colossus 16% chance to appear when attacking.
AngelIcon.png Angel 16% chance to appear when attacked.
DeadpoolIcon.png Deadpool 20% chance to appear when attacked.
StryfeIcon.png Stryfe 19% chance to appear when attacking.
MorganLeFayIcon.png Morgan Le Fay 20% chance to appear when attacking.
KittyPrydeIcon.png Kitty Pryde 16% chance to appear when attacked.
RachelSummersIcon.png Rachel Summers 20% chance to appear when attacking.
SlapstickIcon.png Slapstick 16% chance to appear when attacking.
ProfessorXIcon.png Professor X 20% chance to appear when attacked.
MystiqueIcon.png Mystique 20% chance to appear when attacking.
MisterSinisterIcon.png Mister Sinister 16% chance to appear when attacking.
GladiatorIcon.png Gladiator 18% chance to appear when attacked.
DazzlerIcon.png Dazzler 16% chance to appear when attacking.
MoleculeManIcon.png Molecule Man 19% chance to appear when attacking.
MephistoIcon.png Mephisto 18% chance to appear when attacked.