In Alliance Raid, Alliance members work together to defeat the Collective Boss.

Members can inflict damage equal to the points scored, and Alliance Rewards will be awarded depending on damage inflicted. Alliance Rewards will be awarded to members who reenter the Alliance Raid after the initial Raid Boss battle ends.

The difficulty levels of the Raid Boss are Easy, Normal, and Hard. Boss patterns and acquirable rewards differ depending on the difficult level. A reward and Raid Points can be earned by defeating an individual boss.

A raid that was already activated when you joined the Alliance cannot be entered. Please enter the next raid.


Name Type Raid Requirements Acquired Raid Points Recommended ATK Alliance Token Fee
Fenris Universal Easy: No Criteria

Normal: Combat

Hard: Villain, Male

Easy: 4800

Normal: 6400

Hard: 9600

Easy: 7,500

Normal: 11,500

Hard: 17,500

Easy: 10

Normal: 15

Hard: 20

Alliance Rewards Edit

Available Raid Score Rewards
250000 Points 10000 Alliance XP, 10000 Alliance Store XP, 150000 Gold
750000 Points 20000 Alliance XP, 20000 Alliance Store XP, 300000 Gold
1000000 Points 30000 Alliance XP, 30000 Alliance Store XP, 600000 Gold